Price 155 000 EUR
Listing ID 001
Address Bulgaria
City Tutrakan
Country Bulgaria
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5.0
Land 38735 M²
Surface 3500 M²
Year Built 1990


ERA real estate Nadejda offer an incredible opportunity for the purchase and development of an established/existing farm near Tutrakan, ideally suitable for free range birds and animals with the potential aid of a government program.

The location for developing a farm is a major question, which every agriculture owner must decide. Most suitable, are places outside urban areas, near to agricultural land, drinking water, with its own water sources. A compulsory element is the zoning and legal usage designation of the property and the location conformity in terms of any pollution to lakes, rivers & other areas & properties. This farm has all of these bases covered already. It is also near to asphalt roads and residential houses.

1st building has a total area of 600 sqm. Constructed with a massive metal frame, bricks, and a metal roof. Made on the 2010 year.

2nd building has a total area of 360 sqm. Constructed with a massive metal frame, bricks, and a metal roof. Made on the 2010 year.

3rd building has a total area of 1000 sqm. Consisting of five premises. Four of the premises are suitable for birds and are about 250 sqm each. There is also one big room for personnel. There is an earth floor in all four premises but the staff area has a concrete floor. The walls have a concrete foundation and are built with bricks. The roof is made from wooden beams and ceramic tiles. It is insulated for temperature control.

4th building has a total area of 1000 sq m, consisting of four premises suitable for birds. There is also a storage room for animal food.

In the building there is an existing irrigation systems and also a wood heating system.

The property fencing consists of two different types -

Concrete foundation with concrete bricks and an average hight of 2m.

Metal fence. It has a concrete foundation that acts as a protection against foxes. Metal posts 50/50 mm. There is a wire net (chicken wire) between the metal posts. On the top of that, there is 60 sm barbed wire.

There were previously 30 000 ducks in this farm, giving an indication as to its vast potential.

There are opportunities for financial support from a governmental program for the development of village areas.

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